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Common Sense Party
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There are approximately 300 political parties in the UK, many of these parties are born out of frustration with our political system and the fact that although we call our country a democracy, it is the case that once we have elected our government all thoughts of ‘representation of the people’ evaporate, leading to what might be referred to as an ‘elected dictatorship’.

The Common Sense Party was formed with the idea of using public opinion to formulate the polices, therefore truly representing the people of the UK.

There is, of course, the usual problem of promotion of the name and idea of the party.

We decided that the most effective way was to seek to grab the attention of the media and the electorate in a novel manner by way of using unusual vehicles and crafts to attract attention to the party, hence the ‘Yellow Submarine’ boat and road vehicle. Behind all this though is a very serious message that appeals to vast numbers of the electorate.

Most people in the UK want to see this fine country governed in a manner of fairness and justice for all, which has become less and less the case in recent decades.

We believe that the public want:

  • To see hard work and effort fairly rewarded.
  • To see crime properly punished and preferably deterred before it is committed.
  • Taxation to be fair and based on the ability to pay (council tax and T.V. licences being 2 of the most obvious problems).
  • The NHS budget spent on the ‘doing’ end, doctors, nurses and equipment, and not on the ever growing tiers of upper management.
  • MPs fiascos sorted out and those who have been fraudulent to be charged accordingly.
  • Immigration capped – We suggest to a maximum equal to the number of people who leave the UK.
  • A referendum on Europe – Not just the ‘constitreaty’, but on our level of membership. (Norway and Switzerland trade freely, but are not members).
  • Failed asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and foreign criminals to be deported.
  • No GM crops to be grown in the UK and food clearly labelled.
  • The Human Rights Act to be re-written to get rid of the abuses of the law.
  • Children to learn the ‘3Rs’ at an early stage in their education (far too many children leave school virtually illiterate).
  • Firms that operate rip-off-type schemes brought to book – (wheel clamping is a good example).
  • We use the phrase ‘politics without the bull’ in our logo for the simple reason that we aim to tell the truth, no matter if it happens to be inconvenient to the big 3 political parties.
  • As in business, we would like to see ‘the best person for the job’ in government, regardless of which party they belong to!.
  • It is the spin (distortion of the truth) of these big boys, coupled to their outright personal greed when claiming their expense accounts that has left politics with such a bad reputation.
  • The often-used term that “they are all the same” appears to be true of the vast majority of MPs. However there are some notable exceptions who appear do their best to be honest, truthful and consistent with the public. These include Dr Richard Taylor, Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Norman Baker.
  • By all means please nominate other ‘good guys’ so we can check them out, but we don’t expect too many!
  • The Common Sense Party is not backed by any ‘big money’ (not yet at least!) and relies on membership/donations/merchandise to fund our activities. Big money backing, should it happen, will not affect our principles of ‘policies by public opinion’, but would assist us in getting our message out and our candidates elected!
  • Apathy is what allows our ‘political ruling class’ to get away with the things that they do. With your help, it really is possible to do something about it. So, firstly, join from as little as £1 per month and, secondly, tell all your friends to take a look. Just mention ‘common sense’ and ‘public opinion’ and somehow those that have never been interested in politics before, begin to take note and come alive.
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